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As the web has evolved many frameworks and tools have come along to aid developers in producing appealing yet functional web sites or web applications. However, many of these tools require the user's browser be capable of some certain minimum standard, leaving many users out in the cold.

No browser should be turned away from a web site or application because of its age, (lack of) capabilities, or because it is simply unknown to the web application; this is contradictory to the spirit of the web.

Similarly, developers must often choose their target device, which is most frequently a PC. As the Internet becomes increasingly available on mobile devices, this choice leads to a frustrating experience.

This situation is frustrating for developers, and rightfully so. A developer must typically maintain multiple code bases to work across browsers and platforms, and must either choose a poor layout method for the site (i.e. tables) or hack around CSS quirks in every browser.

The Prodigy Project takes a new approach to web development. Prodigy's framework allows developers to design a web site or app the same way they would a desktop application. Using an MVC architecture, developers develop the back end on their platform of choice, bind the model and controller with JavaScript, and design the view with Prodigy's Web UI Designer.

The Prodigy stack ensures the web site or application runs as smoothly as possible on the client. If the client is not JavaScript capable, Prodigy performs all necessary work on the server side. If the client does not support CSS well, Prodigy lays out the view in a way which will render correctly. Finally, Prodigy's Web UI Designer allows developers to create UIs specifically for mobile devices without writing any additional code.

The key lies in Prodigy's Web UI Designer, inspired by Interface Builder. The developer specifies a pool of widgets that are connected to the controller. The developer then uses these widgets to design an interface that does not rely on JavaScript, one that is JavaScript based, and one for mobile devices. This does not require any additional code and ensures your web site or application will truly run everywhere.

The Prodigy Project aims set web developers free to innovate while ensuring no user is left behind. Logo